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WTF NYC is a souvenir brand that captures the true personality of New York City.
Inspired by the everyday stories and overlooked details of urban living, WTF NYC designs products that resonate with people in the city, redefining souvenirs with a touch of humor and a sense of belonging.



Food Cart Umbrella
Inspired by the iconic food carts everywhere in the big apple, I shrink the size of the food cart umbrellas so people can bring them home.

Garbage Bag Snow Globe
This is a typical street view in New York City, especially during the winter, when the garbage mountains submerged under the grey snow on the sidewalk.

Subway Sound Box
When flip the box, you hear the different sounds of different subway lines passing by.

New York City Pins

Casey Rubber Stamps is a small stamp shop in New York City owned by John Casey, who has devoted to stamp-making for over 30 years. The logo is inspired by Casey's whimsical personality and his enthusiasm for rubber stamps.

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